Welcome, Shalom, Bienvenidos

We are a small congregation located in the heart of San Juan. Our temple was established in 1967 by a group of English-speaking families who were determined to have a spiritual center of Reform Judaism where families and individuals could gather to observe Shabbat and Jewish holidays, to pray and learn in English, in the midst of a Spanish-speaking culture.

Throughout the years our congregation continues to be a warm, caring, welcoming community which engages its members by providing an array of spiritual and educational activities led by outstanding full-time rabbis, visiting rabbis and lay volunteers. We have been truly blessed by these devoted leaders.

In recent years many Spanish-speaking Jews-by-Choice have joined our congregation, and now we offer English services on Fridays and Spanish services on Saturdays. With the influx of Spanish-speaking members we have become as very musical place of worship. Our services often have musical accompaniments by different combinations of guitar, piano, bongos, violins, cello, clarinet, and voices. We are fortunate to have so many members who add musical inspiration to our prayers. The ambiance we have created is truly unique.

Today we celebrate our identity as a diverse, multigenerational, multicultural, inclusive community with an emphasis on social justice, education and dynamic experiences in Judaism. Please join us in our journey, as we cherish and find meaning in our Jewish heritage. Explore our website and/or visit us in person. There is a place for everyone.