Hurricane Fiona Recovery

Almost exactly 5 years after hurricane María struck Puerto Rico, we are once again faced with another climate catastrophe. Hurricane Fiona has caused widespread destruction and flooding, and many communities remain without access to electricity, water, food and/or shelter. Our own facilities were faced with a failure of our emergency backup power system, which will also require repairs to ensure we are able to continue providing a space for the community to charge their devices, store their temperature-sensitive medications, collect water, and meet to provide emotional support to each other. So far, we have no reports of injuries or worse within our congregation, but we have yet to accomplish contact with 100% of our membership, as communications in many areas are still unavailable. We do know that our members have sustained lots of property damage.

Funds raised will go entirely towards our recovery and rebuilding efforts, first meeting the immediate emergency needs of our community for food, water, shelter, emergency power, medications and clothing, before transitioning to more long-term reconstruction and resiliency efforts of our Jewish community.

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