Plans for 2021-2022 New Beginnings

Plans for 2021-2022

New Beginnings

A new fiscal year has begun, and with it new challenges. A year and a half after Temple Beth Shalom closed its doors due to Covid 19, I have the honor of announcing our plans to reopen our beautiful synagogue. It will open the weekend of August 20/21. With this reopening comes a great responsibility to protect the entire community, especially with the spread of the Delta variant, and as President I must ensure that the strictest protocols are followed. The rules for access to in-person services are as follows:

  1. Required vaccination
    On the recommendation of the CCAR (Central Conference of American Rabbis) and our rabbis on duty Rabbi Norman Patz and Rabbi Roberto Graetz, we will only be receiving people who are fully vaccinated. This means people 12 years and older, 2 weeks after receiving the second dose of the Covid19 vaccines Pfizer or Moderna, or 2 weeks after receiving the one-time Johnson & Johnson vaccine.
  2. Simultaneous Virtual Services
    Those who are not vaccinated will be able to follow the services virtually. Simultaneous virtual services will be broadcast during Shabbat and the Yamim Noraim (High Holy Days).
  3. Use of mask
    The use of a mask (without a valve) over the nose and mouth will be required of all persons who are in the Temple facilities. Under no circumstance should the mask be removed within our facilities.
  4. Food inside the Temple or Social Hall
    Until further notice, the consumption of any food or drink within the vicinity of the Temple is prohibited. People who need to consume any food or drink should go outside to consume it. The consumption of wine for the Kiddush is only allowed at the bimah for the Rabbi and the Cantorial Assistant, at their discretion. The rest of the community will not consume challah or wine in the vicinity.
  5. Social distancing and limited capacity
    We will be taking reservations to attend in-person services during Shabbat and High Holy Days services. We will maintain a social distancing protocol to avoid crowding. It is important that those who wish to attend reserve their spaces ahead of time once the reservation lists are provided.​
  6. Members and Associate Visitors must be in good-standing
    Just as we will be limiting in-person attendance to those who have made prior reservations, we will accept only those members and associate visitors who are up-to-date in their membership contributions.

It is in my interest and that of the entire Board of Directors of Temple Beth Shalom to progressively make these measures more flexible, but it will depend on how we behave as a community and how soon we achieve herd immunity as a country. These measures will be updated according to these developments.

Salatiel Corcos