We’ve gone solar!

We have a very exciting announcement to make:

After more than a year of planning, our solar-powered electricity generation and storage system is now live! The installation of this system, which will not only help us reduce our electricity costs, but will also be of invaluable use after the next grid-collapsing storm, was only possible thanks to the generous support of the following institutions and foundations:

  • The Jewish Federations of North America
  • The Jewish Federation of Greater Metrowest NJ
  • The Max and Sunny Howard Foundation
  • The Jewish Federation of Western Connecticut
  • The Fred August and Adele Wolpers Charitable Foundation
  • The Natan and Sarah Blutinger Charitable Foundation
  • The Blanche Lerner and Irwin Lerner Charitable Foundation

Special thanks go to:

  • Edward Finkel, Regional Director, Jewish Federations of North America|Network of Independent Communities, for his invaluable assistance and insight immediately after the storm and through the ongoing years, advocating for TBS with the JFNA Emergency Committee and for his good counsel in connecting us to Peter Rosen and ProSolar
  • Jon Borschow, of the Foundation for Puerto Rico, for his support, encouragement, and advice
  • Rabbi Norman Patz, who was in residence during hurricane Maria, and who spearheaded fundraising efforts
  • Rabbi Jon Haddon
  • Stanley Gulkin

And finally, thank you to the amazing people who designed and installed the actual system:

  • Peter Rosen, Kevin Alvarez, Brad Spernak, Brian Walden, Marcello Perez, Dan Chrisman, and the entire ProSolar team
  • Walter Pedreira, Aldua Aboukheir, Manuel López, Alberto Cruz, Alejandro Rosa, and the entire CRT Energy team

Had it not been for all of their efforts, we would not have been able to proceed with this project. Words cannot express the enormous gratitude we have for their faith and trust in our ability to pull this project through.

!תודה רבה