An Urgent Crowd Funding Appeal


The grandson of our long-time member Luis Sanchez and his late wife Dalia, lives in Israel. He needs our help, urgently. The boy, whose name is Yahel Yehuda, suffers advanced brain degeneration. It is a genetic mutation so rare that it is the only one in all the databases of global genetics.

Yahel’s parents, Luisito and Keren, desperately need to purchase a specially equipped vehicle to transport Yahel to his treatments and anywhere else they have to take him.

The Israel Ministry of Health has approved a grant that will cover 80% of the cost. Luisito and Keren must raise the remaining 20% balance.

They have turned to an Israeli crowdfunding platform called GIVEBACK ISRAEL to raise the funds to get the transport vehicle for their son. The campaign is called “WHEELS FOR YAHEL”, in Hebrew “ Latet Galgalim L’Yahel.”

I urge you to view the story online at

There the story of Yahel is presented, along with the report that the funding effort has reached 72% of its goal, 75,000 Israeli shekels — $24,000.

They are close to reaching their goal but see no way to achieve it without a miraculous intervention. We can supply that.

The campaign MUST be completed  by May 11th or whatever had been raised will be returned and the campaign will be canceled. The project will be funded only if it reaches its goal by May 11th. This is an all or nothing challenge!

Our congregation’s Social Action Committee met on Tuesday and voted to contribute $3000 to the Wheels for Yahel campaign, in recognition of Luis Sanchez’ longtime invaluable dedication to Temple Beth Shalom, in honor of Luisito, the first child of the congregation to make Aliyah, and in acknowledgement of the urgent need to help Yahel.

With the Social Action committee’s contribution, only $3,000 more must be raised. With this message, I appeal to you, members and friends of our congregation, to raise that remaining $3000 needed to meet the goal.

Naomi and I are contributing $180 to the Wheels for Yahel campaign. Please join us in making a contribution.

Please perform this mitzvah to further sweeten your celebration of Pesah/Pesaj!
Hag sameah!

Rabbi Norman R. Patz