Online Donation

We appreciate the hundreds of messages of support we have received following the devastation that hurricane Maria inflicted upon the island. Many of you have requested information about the best way to help our community recover, so we have launched this fundraiser for precisely that purpose.

We are running this campaign in a effort to raise enough funds to bring us back to normal operation as soon as possible. We need to obtain and install a gas or diesel powered generator for emergencies, but this is only a temporary solution. As a more permanent way to get back on our feet faster after disasters like this, and to reduce our overall operating expenses, we are hoping to install solar panels to run our facilities year-round.

Many of our membership have been directly affected by this storm, which means that our primary source of income, membership donations, will be significantly reduced as well, making it difficult to maintain normal operations throughout the next year or more.

You can donate money via PayPal using the form below. You can use any major credit card, no PayPal account is required.

Thank you so very much for your support in helping us get back on our feet. It is deeply appreciated.