Our new trilingual prayer book for the festivals, titled Sha’arei Moadeinu, (Entrada a nuestras fiestas / Gateway to our Festivals) is finally complete! It was used for the first time on the evening of 31 July  2017 for Tisha B’Av services. It will be available for Sukkos and thereafter. 

As in previous occasions when we have obtained new prayer books, you have the opportunity to dedicate one (or more!) of them to a loved one. The cost is $18 per book, and you can make your purchase online via PayPal, below.


Make your selection using the dropdown box (“In memory of…”, “Dedicated to…”, or “In honor of…” ) and enter the name of the person you would like to dedicate the book to, then click “Add to Cart.” If you would like to dedicate more than one book to different people, click on “Continue Shopping” on the top right of the following page to bring you back here to make your additional selections.

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