Temple Beth Shalom Disaster Response

Puerto Rico has once again been struck by a natural disaster. A 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit in the early morning on January 7. Aftershocks are expected to continue for days or even weeks. The damage so far along the southern coast is significant. Power outages have affected the entire island, many thousands of people are without water, and there is at least one reported death.

It is clear that emergency aid will be slow to arrive, and our experience after Hurricane Maria taught us that the crisis does not end when the power is restored.

Temple Beth Shalom continues committed to working directly with the affected families in every way we can. Your donation today will help us provide emergency supplies such as food, water, lamps, cell phone chargers, portable stoves, medicine, and any other supplies identified by our volunteers on the ground as needed for the immediate emergency. You will also be helping to cover the cost of repairs or replacement for damages or material losses directly caused by the earthquake, in order to make sure these homes are stronger, better prepared, and more resilient in the face of future disasters.

Thank you for your generous support and solidarity.

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